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Advantech Launches CRV-430 Series 43″ 4K2K Curved Touch Monitors

Advantech (2395.TW), a leading global embedded solutions provider, announces the release of its first 43″ 4K2K curved touch monitor— CRV-430 series. With a curvature of 1500R/800R (1500/800mm radius), 4K2K resolution, and 10-point multi-touch, the CRV-430 series offers a compelling, immersive experience that is unrivalled. CRV-430WP is available in 43″ C shaped 1500R format, and CRV-430JP in 43″ J shaped 800R format. Soon to be also available in 55″ size, the CRV-430 series are built to an industrial grade standard and are highly durable thanks to the use of long life parts and protective glass. The fully flush finish also gives the displays a more contemporary look and makes the units easy to clean. The CRV-430 series provides an outstanding visual experience and durable design and is an optimal solution for gaming and digital signage applications.

Contemporary Design and Immersive Viewing Experience

The CRV-430 series prominently features a 43″ bright 4K2K resolution screen capable of displaying over 1 billion of colors. The series comes with two curvature options: J type (800R) and C type (1500R). With the target audience being the general public, the CRV-430 series is fitted with 10-point multi-touch PCAP technology as standard. The touch screen comes with 6H hardness protective cover glass of 4mm thickness to provide a rugged vandal proof solution. Last but not least, it has a 100% flush mechanical design to make it easy for integration.

TRIPTIC™ / PIP Display Technology Built-in

The CRV-430 series offers multiple signal interfaces including VGA, HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0, and DisplayPort. It is also designed with TRIPTIC technology which utilizes a powerful UHD scaler and custom firmware with the capability to combine up to three separate video sources to fit onto customer defined zones on the target display. The CRV-430 series supports color adjustment and gamma setting via OSD, which improves the color performance of the display on AD boards. The unit is a plug and play device, compatible with all leading OS including Windows, Linux, Android, UNIX, iOS and many others. LED strip customization is also available to make your applications stand out against the competition by making it more attractive to the audience.

The CRV-430 series is now available with the release of CRV-430WP(C type, 1500R) and CRV-430JP (J type, 800R). For more information, please contact an eforelonline local sales office or visit

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